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One of the biggest advantages of travel is that children and adult both develop empathy

Guest Posting

We are a close knit family:

When Katie and I had our second child, we decided to move out of town and set up life again. There was not much to get from the small town that we called our home. The plan was to shift into the middle town area where Katie could opt to take up maybe a teacher’s job or go back to work in her core area of human resources.

Things were going according to our plan:

For a period of six months, everything was going just fine. It was only towards the end of the year that we realized that this place was a little bit too cold in winter and that is when we decided that Katie and the two kids could go and stay with Aunt Lizzie till the cold in this part of the country reduced.

Amanda, our daughter:

Our older child Amanda was almost on the brink of five years but she was not coherent in her speech nor could speak in complete sentences. Amanda was slightly unsettled since the last six months as we could see the difference in her attitude at home and in school since we had shifted. We were in two minds if we should also take her to Aunt Liz’s house.

But I am glad she went:

Aunt Liz stayed in an uptown place and there were a lot of things around for kids to do. There was a public library nearby, a market, stores and a huge park! Katie says that Amanda had her initial hesitation. But soon she broke the ice with the neighborhood friends. She would play with them for a good part of the day and that gave Katie and the new born some extra time to bond.

The best is yet to come:

You know why I now religiously take the family out for vacations at the drop of a hat? It is because of Amanda’s first vacation that she improved tremendously in her speech and coherence. That was the day I sincerely started believing that it is not necessary that a classroom - a place which induces learning must be within four walls. Infact, the best classrooms are the ones that are open!

Have you seen how just before dinner and may be a few minutes after it, everyone, literally everyone including the parents get back to checking out their smartphone.